The first step to create an Achilipu jewel is to get inspiration from what we love most (Nature, Art Nouveau, Art Déco, femininity...) and make a drawing using pencil and paper. We don't use computers in this step because we want every piece to be unique and have its own "soul".
Once we have the design finished in paper, we recreate it in wax to create a mould that will give birth to our jewels.
Once the wax is ready, we make our jewels in brass using the traditional lost-wax casting process, an ancient method that has been used to make sculptures even before the classical Greek era.
In order to have the jewels ready for the gold plating process, we polish them individually to eliminate flaws.
After the posihing, our jewels have a long lasting 24k gold plated or silver plated finish.
The last step in the creation of an Achilipu piece is, depending on the type of jewel, enamelling and assembly of gemstones, chains, hooks...


ACHILIPU is a jewelry and accessories company based in Madrid since 2010, created by Spanish designer Fara Álvarez. Our products feature exclusive designs and pieces, and are carefully handmade in Spain using high quality materials like 24k gold and silver plated brass, gemstones, artificial leather...

ACHILIPU’s collections are mostly inspired by Nature, Art Nouveau and Déco from the past Century, and current fashion trends. Our aim is to make unique, elegant, trendy, quality and affordable jewelry and accessories for today’s women.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and have an ethical approach to their production at every stage, working mostly with established Spanish suppliers.

The word ACHILIPU comes from the days we were starting in the business. Disappointed by the reception of our jewels in some stores at that time, we decided to make something different, unique and more personal. ACHILIPU, which in Spain is well known for being the chorus of a famous happy song, came to our minds on a Spring evening and totally redefined our way of working and designing.